Lenovo #Sitex2015 Deals

Lenovo has exciting deals for everyone at Sitex. On a personal note, I do have an affinity with the Lenovo brand – specifically, the ThinkPad brand. Yes, it used to be gaudy, black and most of the time, heavy.

But it was reliable – and if you are a fan of Lego, you would know that there are ways to extend and upgrade the notebook.

The Yoga series has been revelation. And a revolution. That is an actual fact.

You need not see any further than the recently introduced Microsoft Surface Book. Look at the hinges. Those are clearly Yoga inspired. And Lenovo is showing how it is best done, with the keyboard bend flat against the back of the screen, compared to rather large gap, as shown on Surface Book.

Lenovo improved on the previous iteration of the keyboard, closing back against the pad, by making the keyboard more flushed.

Wait no longer, check out the brochures attached.

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