Hewlett Packard Enterprise Discover 2015 Cloud Announcements

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced the the developments in the private, hybrid and public cloud ecosystem, a new category of systems to power the next era in hybrid infrastructure with a single line of code. It is based on the the new architecture called Composable Infrastructure, relying on three key design principles; fluid resource pools, software defined intelligence and unified API. 

The following video will perhaps provide the visualizations to understand the development.


Composable Infrastructure Breakdown

  1. Fluid Resource Pools
    1. Computer, storage and fabric networking that can be composed and recomposed to the exact need of the application
    2. Boots up ready to deploy workloads
    3. Supports all workloads – Physical, Virtual and Containerized.
  2. Software Defined Intelligence
    1. Self-discovers and self-assembles the infrastructure you need
    2. Repeatable, frictioneless updates
  3. A Unified API
    1. Single line of code to abstract every element of infrastructure
    2. 100% infrastructure programmability
    3. Bare-metal interface for Infrastructure as a Service

HPE Synergy will be available in Q2 of calendar year 2016 from HPE and worldwide channel partners. Pricing information will be available at the time of the launch. Read more on HPE Synergy here.

Also announced at HPE Discover, is the HPE Helion Managed Cloud Broker service. This service exist to mitigate the rise of easily accessible cloud applications, solutions provisioned without IT approval and potentially reduce total cost of ownership of hybrid infrastructure. 

“While cloud computing promises organizations significant advantages in terms of speed, agility, and lower costs, those advantages are lost when organizations face a sprawl of unmanaged, uncoordinated cloud instances,” said Sandeep Bhargava, General Manager, Enterprise Services, South East Asia and Taiwan, Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “HPE’s unique
managed services-driven approach unifies all enterprise cloud resources together, giving our clients a single view of their IT activities and helps businesses accelerate innovation in an orchestrated, secure and cost-effective manner.”

For more information on the HPE Helion Manage Cloud Broker service, please visit hpe.com/services/cloudbroker.

HPE and Microsoft, jointly announced at HPE Discover event at London, a new innovation in Hybrid Cloud computing through Microsoft Azure, HPE infrastructure and services, and new program offerings. The extended partnership appoints Microsoft Azure as a preferred public cloud partner for HPE customers while HPE will serve as a preferred partner in providing infrastructure and services for Microsoft’s hybrid cloud offerings. 

More details can be found on Microsoft TechNet site.  

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