Philips Shaver S7000 Review

Recently I had the opportunity to review Philips S7000 shaver. It promises to reduce reddening of the skin after each shave, by reducing friction, and with their patented DynamicFlex head, deliver a closer shave  around every angle of the face by flexing effortlessly in five different directions. 

A standard packaging of the Philips Shaver S7000 comes with two heads; the 5-direction DynamicFlex Heads, and,  the SmartClick precision trimmer. It also comes standard; the SmartClean System, the cord charger and a travel pouch. 

The travel pouch can fit both the shaving heads and the precision trimmer. I used it recently for my 5 days holiday in Langkawi. I charged the shaver once, as I had to use the outlet to charge my phone and power banks. I am amazed that it lasted the entire trip, with enough charge to freshen up at KLIA en route back to Singapore. 

The listed usage capacity is estimated to be about 50 minutes after each full charge. Since a typical shaving session for me seldom lasted more than 10 minutes, it was definitely worth bringing it out for my trip, instead of suffering the burns I usually get with disposable shavers. 

The main feature for the Philips Shaver S7000 that reduces friction is the powder-like beads for maximum comfort, making
it the number one Philips shaver for sensitive skin. The Philips
Shaver series 7000 reduces the redness, visible irritation of the
skin and soreness that is caused by friction on skin from
repeatedly shaving the same area of the face every day.

What became of the promise for the Philips Shaver S7000 I mentioned in the first paragraph? Well, I can definitely assure you that the shaving session has been smoother, and I am conducting meetings and interviews, with an added confidence! 

Here’s the specification and the price guide for your reference. Do scroll to the end for a special offer of 40% of the retail price that will end January 31st 2016.

Check out the video below to see the result of one shaving session.  

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Credit: Thank You Justin Ng for assisting the video recording.

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