Yahoo Rolls Out Latest Messenger Update

Yahoo has rolled out the latest update for its Yahoo Messenger – providing a seamless communication, between mobile device – be it on Android or IOS, Yahoo Mail(which recently went through a major update), Web, Tumblr and Flickr. 

Here are the main highlights of the Messenger update. 

Unsend Messages, Photos and GIFs

Avoid potential embarrassment with the unsend feature. Simply tap on a message, photo or GIF and select “Unsend” to remove it from a conversation; not only from your view, but everyone else’s too. No more sender’s remorse!

[Captions from Press Release]

Fast, Easy Photo Sharing

Powered by Flickr’s photo platform, instantly send hundreds of photos using the simple upload tool. The photos you share are displayed in a photo drawer that scrolls horizontally, so they can be viewed in the context of the conversation, without interrupting the flow of the conversation.

[Captions from Press Release]

Animated GIF Search and Share

In a Yahoo Messenger conversation, it’s easy to search and find the perfect GIF to send. Powered by Tumblr, there is a GIF button in the message box that opens a GIF search and also displays a collection of the top trending GIFs on Tumblr.

[Captions from Press Release]

Show Some Love With a “Like”

And, we all love getting props from our family and friends, so in Yahoo Messenger you can “like” a photo, message or GIF with a tap.

[Captions from Press Release]

The most interesting release, in my opinion, is the Yahoo Key. If you have used Google, Facebook or Microsoft Authenticator, you will know how the Yahoo Key works. On the premise that you shouldn’t need to remember passwords anymore, it is a significant release that Yahoo has ever announced. With the release of Yahoo Messenger, one can sense some security in logging into their respective accounts, with the Yahoo Key interface, integrated within Yahoo Messenger. 

“The messaging space has grown dramatically, yet people ultimately want a fast and easy way to communicate with each other,” said Yahoo senior vice president of engineering Jeff Bonforte.

It is well worth noting that there are no video or voice recording option for Yahoo Messenger. Perhaps, that will be the path that they may introduce gradually in the future. The ability to unsend messages alone – will be the best reason to use this as your main communication aid – if you have consistently been using Yahoo Messenger before this update. The horizon is uncertain – at least for Yahoo Messenger as a primary tool. The smooth sync between mobile, web and Yahoo Mail, may prove to be the deciding factor, as unlike WhatsApp, you do not require that mobile device to be constantly connected to the Internet. 

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