The End of the Chinese Miracle


It must be the signs of the times, when the biggest economy in the world, has problems sustaining its own manpower. Industries and conglomerates rue rising labour and production costs.

It can be a surprising reflection to know that the workers in China’s industrial cities did not originate from there. They migrated en masse from the countryside, leaving their farmlands in the hands of the senior citizens and their spouses, to enjoy the economic opportunities presented by the bigger cities. And it is surprising to learn also, that workers coming in from neighbouring South-East Asian countries, are dealing the death knell for the native migrant workers. These led to the exodus of the Chinese migrant workers back to the countryside and their farmlands; the irony not lost on keen observers.

The series of articles by FT, is timely. Check out this video for closer understanding of the diaspora of the Chinese migrant workers.

This video, entitled, “The End of the Chinese Miracle”, looks at China’s slowing economy and dwindling labour force and investigates how one of the world’s most populous country has reached a critical new chapter in its history.

You are welcomed to click on this link – for in depth analyses and explanations, on the slowing Chinese economy.

This article is a collaboration with FT.

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