Multi-Sourced Emails – with Yahoo Mail Application

Imagine this. You are about to craft an email. You have media distributed across several platforms. You know that a friend has shared a dropbox link to your account. And your photos are auto-uploaded to your google drive account. And then there’s that cool GIF that you absolutely want to share – all in a single email.

What will you do? Previously, you will go to each individual service, and either upload the media to your mail, or copy and paste the links if they are too big. And you can never copy the animated GIF file right from Tumblr as they just appeared static.

Well now, it becomes simpler.

Starting 14th April 2016, Yahoo Mail app users can send files from Google Drive, Dropbox, or GIFs from Tumblr. Now that users can manage multiple mailboxes from the Yahoo Mail app, the latest update helps them send compelling and creative emails from any of their email addresses.

Thanks to new access to files from Google Drive and Dropbox, as well as GIFs from Tumblr,  users can quickly send your spring break photos, that important presentation, or that GIF that so perfectly describes your excitement.

The first time you tap on the cloud icon in compose, you’ll be asked to connect to your Google Drive or Dropbox account. With instant access to all of your files in the cloud, you’ll now be able to browse through recent files or search for a specific file directly from your email. We’ll surface items based on title or file contents to help you find what you’re looking for before you hit send!

Additional Updates:

  • Preview large files instantly: On iPhone and iPad, you can preview an attachment without downloading it first to your mobile phone.
  • Delete drafts right away: On Android, if you cancel an email you’re composing, there’s a new option to delete a draft permanently.
  • Stay informed with Android home screen widgets: On Android, three home screen widgets offer dynamically updated information about your inbox. They include a preview of your inbox, a badged icon, and a helpful shortcut to the compose screen.

These latest updates to the Yahoo Mail app are available for iOS (4.3) and Android (5.4).

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