Circles.Life: A New Way to Connect


Circles.Life mobile services launched with much fanfare on May 5th 2016. They promised a new experience in mobile data usage. 

Many others have reported on the various price comparison with the incumbent telcos – but the narrative that is missing is the application centric layer. 

From the initial demonstration, one of the main attraction will be the ease of changing plans in unlimited way. If one is familiar with how cloud pricing works, it is essentially the same.

In a cloud pricing structure, if one expects that the load will get higher, one can raise the quota. Toward the end of the cycle, if the raised quota didn’t get utilized, then the quota can be reduced. The billing will also reflect usage only, and not the initial raised quota. 

The same goes for Circles.Life usage pattern changes. And the critical important fact will be; unlimited changes. 

This is the message that needed to be shared across more – to convince acquisitions and conversions. 

Now, let’s move to the fun part; showing the plans and pricing structure for Circles.Life


Below will be an example of how one would use the data plan. 


So, if the reader reflects on the narrative for cloud pricing as stated on the fourth paragraph, the usage and billing cycle shown in the image above make absolute sense. 


Four of the current exciting key features one can expect when using Circles.Life

Everyone is invited to register for an account by clicking on this link

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