Review: Logitech K380 – Multi Device Bluetooth Keyboard

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Logitech has a plethora of devices that will be suitable for your every need. Much of the recognition for Logitech products will be the input devices such as keyboards, mice and styli. In this review, we take a look at one of the latest Bluetooth enabled keyboard – the Logitech K380.

Image 1: Perspective View

The Logitech K380, differs from the previously launched Logitech K480, in that it is designed from the ground to be light and very portable. To achieve this, it offers a slim and lithe body – and the cradle slot removed. It retains the ability to connect up to three devices – and offer an easy selector, via the Easy-Switch, to quickly switch between your various devices. Basically, any device that has Bluetooth connectivity, can be used with the Logitech K380.

k380-blue-1 (1)
Image 2: Side view

At home, I used on both my mobile phone and the Internet TV. So at one moment, I could be searching for movie titles on the Internet TV system, then switch to phone to easily reply a WhatsApp message. Friends will ask if I was using the Web version of WhatsApp, when I was typing direct on the phone, since my response was deemed instantaneous. There weren’t any delays while typing, which is good to keep note, to watch out for spelling errors and whatnot.

Image 3: Top View

The Logitech K380 uses 2 pieces of AAA size battery. Power consumption is good, and I haven’t experience any downtimes yet. Since the product was recently launched, only the end users can attest to the rated lifetime of the battery, which was vaunted to last 24 months! Out of habit, I turned it off by sliding the Power switch on the side (as seen on Image 2).

Aesthetically, the keyboard has rounded chiclet type with enough space between letters for seasoned touch typists. The usage on the keyboard adjusts automatically when you switch between Windows and Apple operating systems.

The current retail price for the Logitech K380 is at S$54.00. You may be able to get discounts at Challenger Superstore if you are a member. They also have display sets that you can test out on your own. Do give them a try.

Check out the table below for the technical specifications and system requirements. For more information, please click here.

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Image Credits: Logitech

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