5 top digital gadgets for Father’s Day



Why not celebrate Father’s Day this weekend, be it for your dad – or even yourself, by getting some of the top digital gadgets as a reward? To help you along, we have shortlisted some cool tools to help transform your digital wardrobe into one that is well suited for our hyperconnected age.

Samsung Gear VR

There is little question that virtual reality (VR) is set to be the next big thing. On that front, the Samsung Gear VR is perhaps the easiest way to take the fist step into the virtual world. In its third iteration, Samsung’s lightweight headset comes with a built-in control interface, and converts a supported smartphone into a full-on mobile virtual reality headset that lets Dad step into a growing list of VR games and apps.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a great looking smartwatch that does a lot more than tell the time. In between navigating with maps and controlling media playback on Dad’s PC or Mac, the Apple Watch also helps him keep an eye on his his workouts and activity for a healthier lifestyle. Health is wealth, as they say.

Bluesmart One

Give Dad that extra peace of mind while he’s on the go with Bluesmart One, the smart luggage that will never get misplaced. An on-board location tracker powered by a global SIM card and a hefty internal battery makes tracking it down easy peasy, while a built-in digital scale helps him avoid excess baggage fees. Optional add-on – throw in a free vacation for Dad!

Bose QuietComfort 25

If Dad loves his music, why not get him a nice pair of noise-cancelling headphones to let him enjoy his favourite tunes without disruption – and help keep his sanity on long flights. The highly rated QuietComfort 25 from Bose folds into a compact package for stowing away, and is comfortable enough to be worn for hours at a stretch. Headset on, world off!

Apple iPad Pro

Apple’s iPad Pro crams a powerful 64-bit A9X chip into a compact and highly portable form factor, and comes with built-in support for a keyboard and digital stylus. For maximum productivity, it will also run apps side-by-side in Split View, while Parallels Access lets Dad work with his Windows or Mac apps straight from his iPad tablet as he sips a drink at the beach.

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