Tech Tips: Changing Extensions and Renaming Files

Greetings. In the course of using Windows 10, there will come a time where you have a folder that you needed to change the extensions of the files. Giving a reason such as a direct download from WhatsApp will give you the .JPEG extension. The .JPEG extension, while recognised by most photo editors, are sometimes inaccessible during the printing process. Fortunately, renaming it to .JPG will solve it.

A repetitive issue occurs when there are more than two or more files that needed to have its extensions changed. Adding to that, a typical WhatsApp for PC image downloads, will generate random filenames which may not be coherent to the next party viewing the folder.

Check out the image below.


Look at the folder above. There is a total of 83 files with the extension .JPEG. Here’s an easy way to change the extensions for all the files listed.

From the video example above. Go to the folder before the specified folder which contains the files that needed to have its extensions renamed. If the files are located in various locations, organise them by creating a folder and moving the needed files over.

  1. After going to the folder before the newly created folder, press SHIFT and RightClick on the folder, and click on Open Command Window Here.
  2. On the Command Prompt, type -> ren *.jpeg *.jpg
  3. Then press Enter
  4. Then type -> exit
  5. Then press Enter
  6. Enter the specified folder to verify that all the files have had their extensions changed.

Next, you may now have a need to provide a more descriptive name for the series of files. In previous Microsoft Windows operating systems versions, a third party tool is usually required to make the changes on the filename. A third party tool may still be required if the user needed to fine tune the naming nomenclature.

Check out the video below.


As seen above, in the specified folder, press CTRL-A to select all files.

  • Right Click on any of the files and click on RENAME.
  • Type the desired file name nomenclature and hit ENTER once done.
  • Go through the folder to ensure that all the files have indeed had their names changed and numbered accordingly.

These are two simple steps that will help the productivity of the users, be it at home or at the office.



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