Infographic: Survey of 2000 Finds Usage of Apps Same as Nutrition

Survey respondents believe that it is impossible and physically uncomfortable to live without apps, elevating usage to essential daily nourishment like eating, breathing and socialising. In a survey conducted by A10 Networks, a Secure Application Services company, on 2,000 business and IT professionals at companies from various industries around the world, revealed that work and personal apps had become an integral part of life.

The survey, known as Application Intelligence Report, looks at the rise and significance of apps in our “blended lives” – where lines blurred between work and personal business through the use of apps at home, in the office and anywhere in between.

According to Tina Chee, Asia Pacific Marketing Director, A10 Networks,“Human behavior and user apathy towards digital devices is a reality that IT must contend with every day, as it is a soft underbelly for attackers to exploit. We have entered an age where established organizations can be crippled by an employee’s simple act of opening an email attachment infected with malware.

The right step is to understand the dependency on apps in our lives, and the diligence we apply to protecting our personal digital information and work-issued devices connected to corporate networks. AIR’s insight into behavioral tendencies involving apps, and its impact on personal and business risk is a topic that is not addressed enough. After all, even the greatest security technology can be undermined by negligent behavior, and we want to help our customers protect their solution investments, businesses, and employees.”

Furthermore, the survey also noted the almost lackadaisical attitude toward app use and security. Terming it as App Apathy, the report finds that there is a growing acceptance of the inevitability of being hacked and that cyber-attacks “are a fact of life” like influenza.

There are two infographics below, about apps elevated to nourishment followed the app apathy. To read the Application Intelligence Reports in detail, click here

Report and Images attributed to A10 Networks via SgStory.


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