Parallels Announce Toolbox for Windows

Parallels launched Parallels Desktop 12 in Singapore last August 2016. We covered the launch here. It came with a useful feature known as the Parallels Toolbox for Mac. One year on, this set of useful tools is now available for Windows.

Much like the Mac version, the tools will only enhance your daily use on the computer. One would not need to waste precious time installing software to convert videos from one format to another, or have the option to capture screens based on Window, display screen or custom – the Parallels Toolbox is set to be the ubiquitous software that you will come to expect daily.

There are more tools too. You can;

  • Download and convert YouTube videos easily
  • Take specialised screenshots
  • Block your computer’s built-in camera,
  • Record a video of your screen.

Check out some of the examples below.

Free trials of Parallels Toolbox for Windows 1.0, as well as Parallels Toolbox for Mac 1.7, are available online today exclusively at Each version is available for US$9.99 per year and includes free future updates with additional tools when they become available.

Read more from the press release below.

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