Video Share: Windows 10 People Bar on Mac OS X

In the Windows 10 Creators update, which is still being rolled out to Windows 10 users worldwide, there is a nifty feature known as the People Bar.

The People Bar allows socializing directly from the taskbar. The individuals on People Bar can be pinned directly to the taskbar of Windows 10, thereby enabling said socializing function. You can pin up to three individuals on People Bar on the Windows 10 taskbar.

With Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac, you take a step further. Actually, make that two.

  1. You can enable Coherence Mode, and run Windows 10 People Bar natively in a Mac OS X environment, and,
  2. You can pin as many individuals of the People Bar on the Mac OS X as needed on the dock and, note the clear advantage here.

Give the Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac a try now! You can download a trial link here.

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