Acronis & The Yellow Ribbon Fund Help Ex-offenders Get Jobs

Acronis Foundation was created when Acronis celebrated their 15-year anniversary. The company’s founding principle have a core belief that ‘all evils are caused by insufficient knowledge’. The Acronis Foundation has been funding research, building schools, and supporting communities around the world. Read more at


In 2018, Acronis Foundation worked with the Yellow Ribbon Fund by committing at least S$1 million in cash and services, over the next 10 years, to the YRF-Acronis IT Skills Programme. Since launch, YRF-Acronis IT Skills Programme managed to organize 2 separate pilot groups, after which 76% of the students managed to secure employment, with 48% of them receiving more than SG$1,500 monthly pay. On June 27th, YRF-Acronis IT Skills Programme had another graduation ceremony. The programme offers certified training which include a one-month course on MS Office, master classes on curriculum vitae & email composition, managing job interviews, online training and best practices. This year, the programme will also offer a certified Web Design course. Read more in the press release below.


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