Parallels Toolbox 3.5 for Windows and Mac Update, Customer Referral Rewards Expanded

Today, Parallels launched Parallels Toolbox 3.5 for Windows and Mac, an ever-growing suite of 30+ tools that simplify PC and Mac tasks, making everyday computing a breeze.

New tools in Parallels Toolbox 3.5 for Windows include:

  • Energy Saver: Activates several settings, including hidden ones that reduce system-resources usage and increase battery life, leading up to an eight percent reduction in power consumption.
  • Break Time: Receive regular reminders to stand and take a break from your computer. You can specify work periods from 30 to 50 minutes and set break times from one to 15 minutes.
  • Download Audio: Download a single audio file from supported sites. Additionally, playlists can be downloaded from YouTube.

New Tools in Parallels Toolbox 3.5 for Mac include:

  • Clipboard History: Captures what’s copied to the Mac clipboard, including plain and formatted text. It also offers full text search, favorites and settings to collect content for up to 30 days.
  • Hide Menu Icons: Allows users to hide some icons from the Mac menu bar by creating two sets of menu-bar icons, visible and invisible.
  • Sleep Timer: Allows you to set a timer for the computer to either go to sleep or shut down from the moment you press “Start,” helping you save energy.

More information on the announcement can be found in the press release appended below.

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