Maybank Galvanize The Public To Aid Causes

Over the past two months, the Maybank Heart of Singapore (#HeartofSG) campaign accumulated over $111,000 in donations, with every dollar going directly towards the President’s Challenge Empowering for Life Fund (ELF), to provide skills upgrading, capacity building and employment for vulnerable groups.

Renowned personalities also pledged their support by creating their own fundraisers, on Maybank’s promise to match every dollar donated 1:1 up to S$180,000. 

Here’s a quick summary on the various causes supported by the Maybank #HeartOfSG campaign.

No.AgencySupported Programme / Brief DescriptionTarget Group
1Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore   MINDS EDC Lifelong Learning (Pathway to Work / Young Minds) Programme The programme aims to provide holistic transition support for persons with intellectual disabilities in MINDS Employment Development Centres (EDCs) through developing and equipping service users with a holistic set of soft skills and competencies to enhance independence in the community beyond vocational skills.Persons with Intellectual Disabilities
2We Care Community Services   RISE (Recovery & Integration into Society through Employment) This programme aims to enable persons recovering from addictions to re-integrate effectively into work-life, family and the community at large after achieving initial sobriety and abstinence from addictive behaviour.Persons recovering from Addiction Issues
3Club HEAL   Back-to-work Initiatives This initiative aims to provide employment support services which would benefit the Malay Muslim population.  Club HEAL will employ Employment Support Officers to coach and support mental health beneficiaries through their job search process and continue to offer support for up to 6 months from the employment date to ensure that the beneficiaries remain in employment.Persons with Mental Health Issues
4Muscular Dystrophy Association (Singapore)   MDAS Bridge-Pro Framework The Bridge-Pro Framework aims to equip persons with muscular dystrophy (PwMD) with functional (i.e communication, social and independence living), academic (i.e literacy and numeracy) and vocational skills. With the skills required, the programme will find freelance job options for persons with muscular dystrophy, who are unable to hold part-time or full-time jobs due to their condition.Persons with Muscular Dystrophy
5SG Enable (SG Enable does not have a page)   Enabling Employment Initiative This programme aims to enhance inclusive hiring efforts through: Capability building for in-house job coaches with support from overseas experts and Singapore Hotel AssociationCodify best practices and success stories from the hotel industryAccredit and recognise inclusive employers with the Enabling Mark, a national-level accreditation initiative that benchmarks employers’ practices and outcomes in inclusive hiring, and provides tiered recognition to deserving employers.  Employers of Persons with Disabilities
6SPD   Intensive Supported Employment Programme (ISEP) The programme aims to train, place and sustain PWDs, who are less work ready or resilient for jobs in the competitive, open market. ISEP plans to collaborate with industry partners to provide intensive training at the actual workplace to prepare the PWDs by equipping them with the necessary skills for the workplace adaptation, tasks and better work habits. After training, ISEP plans to place this group into employment with the industry partner to ensure more PWDs can sustain on the job. ISEP will target the administrative, production and logistics industries.Persons with Disabilities

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