Introducing SuperSolid Gemini One: The Ultimate Customisable Mouse

Dreamcore, Singapore’s second leading company in the market for custom-built PCs, announces the launch of the SuperSolid Gemini One, a wired mouse that packs a punch with an extensive set of customisable features. With pre-packed variable weights and interchangeable covers and buttons, the SuperSolid Gemini One delivers an experience tailor-made for your workflow needs.

Key features of the mouse include:

  • Variable weights: The mouse comes with 12 pre-packed weights, each at 1.25g, so that users can easily vary the weight of their mouse from 75g to 97g with a simple modification
  • Interchangeable magnetic covers: Users get a choice of a solid or a honeycomb cover. The honeycomb cover allows for maximised airflow, preventing sweaty palms regardless of heat and hours spent on the computer
  • Interchangeable side buttons: The mouse is ambidextrous by enabling left-handed users to use only the buttons on the right side for intuitive and easier access, while right-handed users can use the buttons on the left side
  • High performance: Top of the line 16K API Pixart 3389 sensor, ultralight and flexible FCC compliant paracord cable, and 1,000Hz polling rate for a lag-free experience

The SuperSolid Gemini One is available from today onwards at $89 on the Dreamcore Official Store on Lazada and $69 when bundled with a Dreamcore PC on Dreamcore’s website.

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