Logitech 2016 Party Collection: M238 Wireless Mouse

Logitech released their latest update to their 2016 Party Collection, the Logitech M238 Wireless Mouse. It comes in several sets of funky colours that are certain to bring out the animal or funk in you. The Logitech M238 Wireless mouse, like most of the recent launches for wireless input devices promises 1 year’s worth of
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Motorola Razr with Android?

It was certainly a teaser from Motorola. Watch this space come June 9th 2016. The Motorola Razr was an iconic phone. The pizazz you get by flipping the phone open & close is as cool as sliding up the Nokia 8110 aka the Matrix phone. Check out the Motorola teaser video below.

Cryowerx: A Cooler Food Delivery System

There is a new player in the food space. Instead of competing with food providers, they are providing an alternative solution for cold food consumption market. Given a typical store setup, for example, Starbucks Coffee, SwissBake or McCafe in Singapore, one will typically see the chilled section where you can get drinks and other cold-serve
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