The Rojak Place is a Singapore Lifestyle & Technology Blog that feature lifestyle issues related to health, social causes, technology news and the Arts.

The website has a long-term goal of timelessness – the articles should withstand time and antiquity.

We are looking for dynamic individuals who have the eye for;

Technology – you need to know & have interest in enterprise technologies, network infrastructure and security.

Lifestyle – you need to be in the know for couture and pop culture.

The Arts – you need to have the eye for the finesse and finer things in life – from conservative to radical.

Individuals hired will be offered equitable compensation on per word and per engagement basis for a minimum of 500 words.

You are invited to write in and present your story; you may choose a topic which you are best in, or all three. A face to face chat over light drinks will then be arranged accordingly, if your story is engaging.

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