Lenovo #Sitex2015 Deals Lenovo has exciting deals for everyone at Sitex. On a personal note, I do have an affinity with the Lenovo brand – specifically, the ThinkPad brand. Yes, it used to be gaudy, black and most of the time, heavy. But it was reliable – and if you are a fan of Lego,
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Ban Leong has an interesting hampers promotion. It be useful if you are thinking about getting birthday or christmas gifts, do give the site a lookthrough. http://banleong.com/sg/brand/banleong-hamper/

Canon #Sitex2015 Promotions It is still a toss up, to me, if the mirrorless system can overtake the DSLR dominance. Still, if you’re interested in either, do check out the brochures before making the trip to Singapore Expo.

Dell #Sitex2015 Offers It is interesting to see the evolutionary path for the Alienware desktop series. Anyways, click on if you want to see more of the promotion.

Starhub Sitex 2015 Brochures Check out some of the promotions for Starhub during the Sitex 2015.

Launch of Microsoft Surface Pro 4, starting from S$1399.00. More details soon.

The National Gallery Singapore is now open to the public. Singapore citizens and PR enjoy complimentary access. Details on www.nationalgallery.sg

CommunicAsia2016, EnterpriseIT2016, BroadcastAsia2016 and SatComm2016 returns to Singapore from May 31st to June 3rd 2016, at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre. Do put this up on your calendar, or maybe just bookmark this page. [Press Release] The Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Cities will take centre stage at the upcoming CommunicAsia and EnterpriseIT,
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I remembered getting excited when I watched this game – and missing him as he went on to make a career with American Football, which I do not follow. 

Saddened to learn of his passing. #RIPLOMU